Personalized Gift

Every organization has its own working culture, rules, and their own policies! Personalize your gifts and awards with the same exceptional theme with us. To help organizations to add their own Personalised touch to the corporate gifts and items, we print Personalised logos and images on those gifts and awards.

Corporate gifts

Shiv Ananda Grover Photo Co. offers the corporate gift printing services to organizations, which are planning to promote their products and services through gifts holding their business and product information. We offer a wide range of gifting items holding the client’s company logo and information at a much affordable price.

Key Ring

There is rarely something that you hold more carefully than a keychain having keys to your property. You can set your imprint on that accessory too by availing our printing and personalized corporate gifting services at Shiv Ananda Grover Photo Co.

Bed sheet

Decorate your house with personalized bed sheets. Pick one of the best photograph or theme and we will get it printed on a bed sheet with optimum quality. Apart from that, you can get something exceptional printed on those bed sheets to match the theme of your house.

Personalized wishing cards

Personalized wishing cards are like personal wishes for someone special! Get them prepared from us at Shiv Ananda Grover Photo Co. at a much reliable price. For more information regarding our personalized wishing card printing services

Photos on a wooden plank

Shiv Ananda Grover Photo Co. offers photo printing and designing services on a wooden plank. To give a unique and amazing look to your image printing, we get it printed on the specially designed and crafted wooden plank.

Stone painting

Here at Shiv Ananda Grover Photo Co., we offer stone painting services for people who want to gift something exceptional to their friends and colleagues.


Fill all your memorable moments on your calendar or present it to someone special to remind him/her of those moments, every time they look at that calendar.

Crystal Colorful 2D And 3D

Do you want to gif your friend or family member with something exceptional that reminds them of you and your good times together? If yes, then the crystal glass (2D or 3D) is the best option that you have! This is the best corporate gifting options with a personalized theme. So, what are you waiting for, contact us to get your personalized corporate 2D or 3D crystal glass?

Cushions printing

Add personalized comfort to your home or office with these printed cushions! Our services are completely customer oriented, you just have to provide us with the photographs and select the design of cushions that you want. We will print your enhanced photographs on those cushions with other special effects!

Wooden Engraving Items

We can Engrave a uniquely personalized gifting item for you through our wood Engraving and printing services for you. Our wood Engraving range of products includes the pen stands, nameplates, blocks, etc.

Black magic

Are you looking for something magical to amaze someone’s eyes? If yes, then this black magic print photography on mugs is the best option. You will gift a black mug, but when they pour hot coffee in it, the black will turn to an image!